MAMMOET will develop key enabling technology for wireless access based on MaMi, with the goal of enabling a radical increase in the spectral and energy efficiency of the future, and characterise MaMi channels through new measurements, resulting in new models. The whole project is broken down into 5 work packages:

  • WP1 System approach, scenarios and requirements
    WP1 analyses and proposes deployment scenarios of MaMi consistent with the service provision needs expected for the future and characterise MaMi channels through new measurements, resulting in new models.

  • WP2 WP2 Efficient front-end (FE) solutions (Integrated Circuit (IC) solutions, Compensation/Calibration)
    The aim of this WP is to create two fundamental enablers: efficient and flexible transmitter modules suitable for systems with a large number of antennas, including silicon prototypes; and secondly algorithms for dealing with non-reciprocity in time-division du - plex (TDD) access.

  • WP3 Baseband Solutions (Algorithms, Architectures & Design)
    The objective in WP3 is developing new methods for hardware-friendly signal shaping in multiuser MaMi systems, including new computationally efficient algorithms and hardware solutions for MaMi baseband signal processing.

  • WP4 Validation and proof-of-concept
    WP4 will validate the project’s overall goals in terms of system performance vs. power and cost, and deliver a proof of concept for the major innovation, both for the digital signal processing (DSP) solutions and the energy (power) efficient front-ends.

  • WP5 Project Management – Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation
    The aim of this WP is to disseminate the results in publications, cooperate with standardisation bodies and take care of the overall administration of MAMMOET.

MAMMOET structure and work packages

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