Blog post on MAMMOET project

November 2017

The blog post about the great work that was performed in the MAMMOET project consists of an interview of Prof. Liesbet Van der Perre, some pictures, and information about the existence of the MAMMOET deliverables.

Cambridge Textbook on Massive MIMO

November 2016

The Cambridge textbook Fundamentals of Massive MIMO, coauthored by a project members from LIU and a scientific advisor of MAMMOET, is now available.

Massive MIMO Blog

October 2016

We are launching the Massive MIMO blog, an entry point to learn about Massive MIMO technology, and a forum for expert commentary.

Contributions to 3GPP

September 2016

Partner Telefónica was able to provide contribution to 3GPP as a result of some of the internal research performed by different partners in MAMMOET. The contribution was presented in the 3GPP RAN Plenary meeting #73 in New Orleans, with number RP-161683.
The contribution dealt with cost-related requirements for Massive MIMO systems, with the aim to revisit some RF requirements such as the out of band emission limits and the maximum ratio between overall system power and individual power per RF chain/antenna element.
The contribution cited the MAMMOET project as a reference, as well as one publication from various partners of the consortium, and gave rise to some discussion among the delegates which finally agreed to create a Change Request to the Technical Report TR 38.913 "Study on Scenarios and Requirements for Next Generation Access Technologies".
The Change Request is available within RP-161842.

MAMMOET Workshop on "Concepts and Implementation Aspects for Massive MIMO"

September 2016

The FP7 project MAMMOET organized a workshop on massive MIMO at ESSCIRC - ESSDERC 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland on 12th September 2016.
In this workshop the public was introduced to the Massive MIMO transmission concept. The implementation questions and solutions that can bring the low complexity promise to reality was discussed and an update of the status of the system validation in a simulation framework was provided, modeling the low complexity hardware and related non-idealities, and in a real-life test-bed.
All presentations from the workshop are available here:
- Overall Introduction to the workshop and project (Liesbet Van der Perre - KU Leuven)
- Communication system concepts: Massive MIMO introduction (Emil Björnson - Linköping University)
- Overall system complexity (Liesbet Van der Perre - KU Leuven)
- Digital baseband algorithmic and architectural solutions to master complexity (Liang Liu - Lund University)
- ADCs for massive MIMO: low power solutions available (Jan Craninckx - imec)
- Mixed Analog-Digital Pulse-Width Modulator for Massive-MIMO Transmitters (Alexiou Nikolaos - Infineon Technologies Austria)
- Massive MIMO testbed: validation (Steffen Malkowsky - Lund University)

Honors and Awards

August 2016

MAMMOET partners won first prize with the massive MIMO testbed in five separate categories in fierce competition with more than 100 other contributions at the 2016 NI Engineering Impact Awards ceremony in Austin, Texas, in the beginning of August.
The five categories scooped by Steffen (ULUND) and his Bristol colleague Paul were the following:
- NI's Wireless and Mobile Communications category
- NI's Engineering Grand Challenges Award
- Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Edgeline Big Analog Data Award
- Powered by Xilinx Award
- 2016 Customer Application of the Year Award
Read the full article here.

May 2015

Dr. Thomas Marzetta, member of the MAMMOET international Advisory Board, received an honorary doctorate from Linköping University

Prof. Liesbet Van der Perre, Scientific Leader of the MAMMOET project, received an honorary doctorate from Lund University

Hien Ngo, Erik G. Larsson and Thomas Marzetta won the 2015 Stephen O. Rice Prize Paper Award in the Field of Communications Systems for their paper Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 61, No. 4, April 2013, pp. 1436-1449



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